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WHY It's Great to Provide Video Marketing Services Today?


Most entrepreneurs are down right now because they cannot run their business like they used to. They need you to provide solutions for them to adapt and continue their business virtually through videos...

In fact, they are willing to invest well on this just so their business wont stop. Checkout the following video services they are needing so far...


According to the video marketing stats in 2020 from, video marketing has become a whopping $135 billion industry in the U.S. alone.

The number is going up every year and the industry is spreading worldwide. Videos are now becoming a necessity in any business and professions, specially for the next generation.


99% of marketers will continue to use video, while 88% of businesses will spend more on video marketing campaigns than they did in previous years.

However, most of the business owners don't have time and/or skill to do most of the video marketing tasks themselves so they are looking to outsource. They are even willing to pay thousands of dollars to providers

Checkout the following job posts on Upwork...

We're only talking about video creation here. We're not yet talking about video optimization and video ads.

And so far, there are only very few agencies out there that provide a complete video marketing services. 

That means there is still very low competition here and you can provide these services and get paid thousands or dollars, without having to do the tasks yourself.

Which leads me to the next point...


Sure, you can invest into expensive tools and learn video skills then provide these yourself if you want, but you don't have to.

The truth is, being a pro video guy/gal is not a guarantee that you'll get paid well.

10 years ago, I was a prolific video guy but I was utterly poor. I also know a lot of amazingly talented video artists out there but they are struggling financially.

And I'm not saying that you don't need any skill or budget at all (if someone is telling you this, they are lying). 

But I can say just bare minimum skill and little budget is enough for you to get started in running a successful video marketing agency and offer services to high paying clients. 

How? Just stay with me here and you'll get the answer...

But first, let me share

a bit of my story...

My name is Cham Altatis and I'm now running a video marketing agency that provides services to HIGH paying professionals and local business owners. I also teach small business owners, on how to grow their business through videos.

But more than 10 years ago, I was a struggling video guy, jumping from one job and video gigs after another.

After learning internet marketing, I also started offering my services online, until I focused more on teaching video marketing. Because of my success in releasing courses, I stopped providing services for a while. 

Still, a lot of clients are contacting me, asking me if I can do video services for them. And when I saw that video marketing became even bigger and there's a growing demand for video services, I decided to get back to it again.

But this time, I'm no longer just a freelancer. Rather, I setup an agency that provides a complete video marketing solution to high paying professionals and local business owners.

Employee VS. Freelancer

VS. Agency

There are 3 different ways to provide services - work for a company, become a freelancer, or start your own agency. Let's take a look at each of these.


This is the easiest option to start but it's no different from any other 9 to 5 jobs out there and I'm pretty sure this is not what you want.

That's why I declined a great video editing job offer lately, even if the salary is very promising.

I can't replace the FREEDOM I'm enjoying right now with the salary they are offering me.


This is a bit better because at least, you have some control with your life. You can choose when and where to work and the clients you want to work for. 

But still, you are trading time and work with money. So if you want to earn more, you also need to work harder and sacrifice more time and energy, and unfortunately, probably even your health.

And as you may already know, this is NOT a smart way to earn.


This is it, right? Well, not so fast! I hate to break it with you but, don't be excited with this one yet.

Because although this is the best way to work smart and earn more, starting and running an agency is NEVER easy.

Let's start with building a quality team. Unless you have talented colleagues that you can trust, it's really hard to find people you can work with.

And if you're planning to build your team virtually, good luck with the hiring process.

What to do then?

While it was not so hard for me when I started our video marketing agency, I understand that it's not that easy for others.

Good for me because I built connections and had colleagues in the video and internet marketing industry, after doing this for over a decade.

So when students were asking me to create a course on how to provide video services to clients, I didn't like to create something that teaches people to do things the hard way.

I then sat down, brainstormed, and took the challenge to make providing video marketing stills a no-brainer for anyone.

This way, even if you know very little about video marketing and you just have very limited budget to invest, you can still get your piece from the ever-growing video marketing industry.

I then put together all the things I learned in providing video marketing services to thousands of clients for more than 10 years...

...and called it...

This is your complete guide on how to become and instant CEO and run a thriving video marketing agency in 30 days or less.

It also comes with an agency reseller program wherein you can use our agency like it's yours!

The program is composed of 3 modules with detailed no-fluff straight to the point video lessons, in a members area that you can access anytime anywhere...

Here are the details of what you can have inside...


MODULE 1 - The Foundation

  • Lesson 1 - CEO Mindset
  • Lesson 2 - Your Vision, Goal, & Brand
  • Lesson 3 - Video Services You Can Provide
  • Lesson 4 - Ideal Clients to Target

MODULE 2 - Branding & Portfolio

  • Lesson 1 - Agency Page
  • Lesson 2 - Your Online & Social Media Presence
  • Lesson 3 - Your Bridge

MODULE 3 - Getting Clients

  • Lesson 1 - Understanding Your Target Clients
  • Lesson 2-4 - Prospecting
  • Lesson 5-6 - Facebook Video Ads
  • Lesson 7 - Youtube


Aside from the comprehensive training, Video CEO also comes with our flagship agency reseller program.

That means you don't have to do the video marketing tasks yourself. All you have to do is get clients, outsource all the tasks to our agency, then get paid month after month!


And to make things even better for you, I added templates and resources such as proposals, webinar deck, list of high paying clients, emails, and a lot more!


How to Get UNLIMITED TARGETED Business Leads

To make things even better for you, we're also conducting a special bonus MASTERCLASS to how automatically generate UNLIMITED & TARGETED business leads that you can contact and offer video marketing services!

So how much?

When I was researching on the pricing of similar courses on this, they are ranging between $497 and $997. Most of them are courses on a specific topic. I even saw some that are at $2000+.

Actually, these are the normal pricing for this type of program. And I remember a mentor in a course creation training telling us that we should price our courses based on what the top 10% pricing.

That means I should price this program at $997, which I'm going to do soon.

For now though, I understand that a lot of people who need this program that most will not be able to afford this.

I've been in that situation myself and I understand that feeling of wanting to enroll into a program but you just can't afford it.

So for a LIMITED time, you can get access to Video CEO at a VERY AFFORDABLE price...


The common mistake I see people make is that, they think doing things by themselves and not enrolling in courses is a cheaper route. What they don't take into account is how slow and ineffective that would be.

I wish I found a course like this years ago so I didn't have to spend over a decade to learn the BEST way to provide video services and get the income I deserve without hassles.

Today, I'm giving you the chance to become a CEO in your own video marketing agency and get paid 4 to 5 figures per month from your clients, without having to do any of the tasks yourself.

And you can learn how to do this at ridiculously LOW one-time fee! But you have to HURRY because this special pricing will be gone very soon...


I don't want unhappy money or unhappy customers. If this is not the best program you've ever taken on providing video marketing services, within 30 days, just contact me and I'll refund your money.

However, you also have to prove to me that you went over the program and took action to apply the things I showed inside. I have to do this because a lot of people were abusing this in the past.


To help you further in becoming a LEADER in helping local business owners THRIVE during the lock down today, I'm also adding the following BONUSES...

BONUS 1 - Local to Virtual HELP

Local business owners, specially brick and mortar ones, BADLY need your help on this today.

This bonus lesson will show you how you can transform offline local businesses into fully virtual.

BONUS 2 - HYBRID Agency Model

Instead of just relying on 1:1 services and work like a freelancer, I'm going to show you how to run a HYBRID agency by mixing coaching/consultation together with your services.

This is what I personally do to let the cash flowing every time!

BONUS 3 - Intro to Drop Servicing

This is a new business model that works like dropshipping but you're selling and sourcing services instead.

Here, you can learn how to become a "middle man" between business owners and service providers.

To Your Success...

Cham Altatis

Video Marketer/Father/Husband


Q Do I need videos skills for this program to work for me?

While certain video skills can help, it's not a requirement for this program. You can simply learn how to get clients from our training then outsource all the video tasks to us by applying to our agency reseller program.

I'm a pro video guy/gal and I wanna provide the services myself. Can this training help me to get more clients?

Yes, we have a complete module about getting clients for your video services. But you may wanna step up your game from being just a freelancer to starting your own agency. You can simply model your agency from ours by learning inside.

Do I need a big budget to make this work?

No you don't. You can actually start with a very minimum budget, which is just for getting a domain name and hosting if you still don't have one. I even showed an absolutely free way to get clients.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30-day money back guarantee. However, you also have to prove to me that you went over the program and applied what I showed inside. I have to do this because scammers have been abusing this guarantee in the past.

Still Have Questions?


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